PhonTuner 2.3

Use your Pocket PC to tune your guitar on the move

Phonature PhonTuner is an advanced guitar tuner for musicians and bandroom professionals that can also be used to tune violin, piano, drum & even singing with vibrato. It is the FIRST precision tuner to detect off-tuned notes in recordings and continuous performance. With PhonTuner, the pocket PC is now more powerful than standalone tuners, while smaller & cheaper.

Based on the Mathematical Cochlea of Phonature theory, almost perfect pitch measurement over a 3 octave range can be clearly seen. Calibrated Sound Texture pattern in the middle reflects the timbre of sound and reveals fusing of multi-part voices.

PhonTuner indicates the playing note on the Mathematical Cochlea with a big dot and needle for you to see clearly whether it matches the target tone. Singing mode automatically shows singing or whistle in the chromatic scale from C2 to C8; users can define target tones for up to 6 strings in Custom mode.

As a guitar tuner, PhontTuner's clearest note frequency holding ability captures the frequency of a string more accurately than conventional guitar tuners. It also provides excellent tuning for steel guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar and various acoustic guitars.



PhonTuner 2.3

User reviews about PhonTuner

  • theskybeblue

    by theskybeblue

    "best guitar tuner i have ever used"

    Still the best guitar tuner I have ever used, that includes actual shop bought guitar tuners. the visual representati...   More.